How FESS works

Your nose has a self-clearing system that can remove allergens, dust, pollen, and other pollutants from your nasal passage.

When there is excess mucus and congestion this self-clearing system may not function at its best. Using FESS Nasal Spray daily can help restore and optimise this self-clearing system.

The nose is the body’s first line of defence against inhaled bacteria, viruses, pollutants, pet dander, dust, pollen, and other allergens.

How does the Mucociliary Clearance System work?

The Mucociliary Clearance System exists to provide protection against mild upper respiratory tract infections. It is part of your body’s defence against inhaled pollen, dust, germs and allergens.

The system is made up of a thin layer of mucus which coats your nasal membranes, and microscopic hairs called cilia. The thin mucus traps the inhaled germs, dust and allergens, and the tiny cilia hairs push the mucus down the back of your throat towards your stomach. There, the germs, dust and allergens are destroyed by the strong stomach acid. It is efficient and effective, as long as it’s working well.
Maintenance of the Mucociliary Clearance System is at the forefront of nasal health because when the system is impaired it can result in ailments such as hayfever and sinusitis.

How does the Mucociliary Clearance System become impaired?

If your mucus isn’t the right consistency then your Mucociliary Clearance System breaks down. When nasal mucus thickens or you produce extra mucus from a common cold, it becomes difficult for the cilia hairs to move the mucus down into your stomach.

How does FESS help to maintain the health of your Mucociliary Clearance System?

It’s important to keep the nasal mucus thin, less sticky and easier to move. By thinning the mucus and keeping the cilia hairs mobile your body can move the inhaled pathogens, dust and allergens to your stomach where they can be destroyed by stomach acid.
The FESS® range of nasal sprays are designed to thin the nasal mucus and wash away allergens, dust and pollutants. By using a FESS nasal spray everyday you can help your body to maintain better nasal health.