FESS® Frequent Flyer is a saline nasal spray for natural relief from nasal congestion. It thins mucus and moisturises dry nasal passages, helping to restore the nose’s natural defence and clearing system (the mucociliary clearance system). As a result breathing and comfort are improved.

FESS® Frequent Flyer also contains added moisturisers and Australian Tea Tree Oil to
moisturise dry nasal passages and wash away airborne bacteria, dust and pollutants.
FESS® Frequent Flyer contains only gentle ingredients that do not cause rebound congestion when their effects wear off.

FESS® Frequent Flyer helps guard against airborne bacteria

Why do aeroplanes dry you up so much?

The air inside the aircraft cabin during a flight is drier than normal. The cabin is also circulated with a combination of fresh and recycled air which may impair air quality and reduce humidity to less than 20%. This very low humidity can dry out the mucous membranes of your nose while the combined effects of dry and recycled air can lead to nasal congestion and a dry irritated nose.

Support your natural defence system against airborne infections

The Mucociliary Clearance System is part of your body’s shield against airborne infections like colds. The dry air in the aircraft cabin increases nasal discomfort, and may increase your chance of developing an upper respiratory tract infection. FESS® Frequent Flyer can help ensure the health of the nasal passages by moisturising dry nasal passages and washing away airborne bacteria, dust and pollutants.

How can you combat cabin fever?

Given that there is not enough moisture in the air around you on an aeroplane, you may need some extra help to keep your nasal passages moist. With a non-medicated nasal spray in your carry on, plus a bottle of water to sip on during your flight, you’ll arrive at your final destination breathing much easier.

It’s also a good idea to avoid some of the other things that can make you dehydrated. This includes alcohol and caffeinated drinks – try to steer clear of these while you’re waiting for your departure. Instead, sip on a water or Hydralyte to really hydrate your system before and during the flight.

How does FESS Frequent Flyer help with travel?

FESS Frequent Flyer is a non-medicated nasal spray that helps to moisturise your nose and make your flight more comfortable. You can use it before boarding the plane, during the flight and upon touchdown to wash away airborne pathogens, dust and other pollutants.

With added moisturisers and Tea Tree Oil, FESS Frequent Flyer provides natural relief from the dry air inside an aeroplane cabin.