When a blocked nose* makes it hard to get a good night’s sleep, FESS can help you breathe easier.

A blocked or stuffy feeling in your nose which can be caused by allergies (such as hayfever), sinus infections, cold & flu – can make sleeping difficult, leaving you feeling tired and sleepy during the day. Use FESS to help ease nasal congestion and make breathing easier when it’s time for sleep.

When it’s time for sleep…

Feeling ‘stuffed up’ and having a blocked nose can interfere with your sleep.
Normally, your nose and sinuses are able to clear themselves, but sometimes this doesn’t happen as well as it should:

  • Allergies, sinus infections, cold & flu can cause inflammation and swelling of the moist, inner lining of your nose
  • This can reduce the size of the air passages making breathing through your nose more difficult, particularly at night or when lying down
  • Your nose may also be producing extra amounts of mucus or the mucus may be thicker and starts to block the already swollen nasal passages. This can lead to nasal congestion, painful sinuses and postnasal drip (where mucus from your nose or sinuses drips down the back of your throat) – all of which may interfere with how well you sleep.

Breathe easier, sleep easier with the FESS nasal saline range.

…rethink your sleep routine with FESS

So when it’s time to sleep and a blocked or stuffy nose makes it hard to get the rest you need – try making FESS part of your regular night-time routine to help you breathe easier:

Cleanse your nose of congestion

FESS saline sprays and washes helps flush away allergy triggers such as dust and pollen, and gently loosens and thins excess mucus – helping to clean and clear a blocked nose so you can breathe easier.

  • Being non-medicated FESS can be used as often as needed
  • Use FESS first to help clear away mucus and improve the effectiveness of your medicated sprays.

Moisturise your nose

Whether it’s an uncomfortable dryness inside your nasal passages or a problem with a chafed, sore nose the FESS range can help: FESS saline sprays and washes can help moisten your nasal passages to help relieve dryness:

  • Airway dryness can be a common problem if you have to use oxygen or a CPAP machine
  • Using some over-the-counter products and prescription medications (such as antihistamines and decongestants) can also dry out your nasal passages.

FESS Dry Nose Oil Spray helps provide relief from uncomfortable and troublesome nasal dryness and crusting that can often be a problem if you regularly have to use oxygen, a CPAP machine or nasal medications. The oil helps lubricate and moisturise dry nasal passages while helping to reduce irritation and itching.

FESS Nasal Gel helps relieve dry, chafed and sore noses by moisturising and providing a protective barrier around the sensitive skin on the outside of your nose. It’s ideal for soothing raw or chafed noses that often accompany a blocked nose or when you use a CPAP machine.

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*caused by excess mucus
Abbreviation: CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure.