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FESS stands for Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.
No, the bottle needs to be primed upon first use by spraying into the air a few times.
(As per pack instructions) Direct the nozzle into your right nostril and aim the nozzle towards your right ear. Repeat on the left side-direct the nozzle into your left nostril and aim the nozzle towards your left ear.
It is not necessary however some people prefer to do so and tilt their heads sideways and forward/back. It is personal preference.
The product is liquid and intended to clean and clear nasal passages so some liquid can be expected to run out of the nose. We recommend aiming the nozzle toward your left ear when spraying into your left nostril and vice versa. You could also try tilting your hear slightly backwards if lots of liquid is running out or placing a tissue directly underneath your nose to catch any that may run out.
Yes this is normal as the nose, ears and throat are all connected.
The old screw-on pumps have been replaced with a more modern pump which cannot be removed from the bottle. This is an extra tamper evident feature. The shape is ergonomically superior for the comfort of the user and contains grips on the sides for ease of use. Therefore, there is no longer any requirement for a seal on the bottle. However, there will still be a tamper evident plastic sticker seal present on the top and bottom of the carton.
The spray is non-medicated so you can used as often as desired. Because FESS Nasal Spray is non-medicated, it can be used as often as necessary. We recommend the following usage: 'Newborns/babies – use FESS LITTLE NOSES up to 3 drops or sprays per nostril. Children – use FESS Children's or FESS Saline Spray up to 3 sprays per nostril. Adults – use FESS Saline Spray up to 6 sprays per nostril.' Remember, always use as directed and consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.
Yes, it is suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation.
Yes, use FESS Nasal Spray 5-10 minutes prior to using a medicated nasal spray (steroid or antihistamine).
No, the FESS bottle should not be used by more than one person as sharing may lead to the spread of infection.
The FESS ® range of products are committed to Pharmacy Only. If your local pharmacy does not have a particular item in stock, you can simply have them order it in for you (they can usually have it in-store within 24 hours). Should you encounter any problems please email us on: Consumercare@carepharma.com.au.
As FESS Little Noses Spray is non-medicated and only contains diluted seawater and purified water, there is no cause for concern.
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